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Coolest Neighbourhoods to Live in Ottawa

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Coolest Neighbourhoods to Live in Ottawa

Looking for a cool and quirky neighbourhood in Ottawa to call home sweet home? Look no further! From the trendy streets of Hintonburg to the artsy vibes of Wellington West, there are plenty of spots to satisfy your inner hipster. Grab a coffee at a local café, peruse the street art, and join in on the community events. You’ll fall in love with the unique charm and character of each neighbourhood, and soon enough, you’ll be the one showing off the coolest streets to your out-of-town friends.

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Picking the coolest neighborhoods in Ottawa is like trying to choose your favorite flavour of ice cream. It’s an impossible task that will leave you second-guessing your decision as soon as you make it. But alas, we must soldier on and attempt to narrow down the list. These neighbourhoods have a certain je ne sais quoi that sets them apart from the rest. They exude a hip, laid-back vibe that is irresistible to those who crave something a little different. And while the concept of “cool” is subjective, we’re pretty confident in our choices. So, put on your shades, grab a coffee from the local indie spot, and let’s take a stroll through some of the coolest hoods in O-town.

Hintonburg OTTAWA

Nestled in Ottawa, Hintonburg is a neighbourhood that truly embodies the city’s creative essence. From artisanal food to bustling boutiques, the streets are teeming with vibrant culture and innovation. With its close proximity to downtown and easy access to public transportation, Hintonburg is a hub for young professionals who appreciate the convenience of urban living without losing the enchantment of community-inspired spaces. Whether it’s spending a morning at a local coffee shop or taking a stroll through the park in the afternoon, living in Hintonburg allows one the opportunity to enjoy all of the amenities of city living while experiencing the charm of a small town community.

Located in the west end of Ottawa, has a rich history that dates back to the early 19th century. Initially, it was a small, rural village that was home to a few families and a post office. However, as the city expanded, Hintonburg became a hub for industry and manufacturing, with factories, mills, and other industrial plants springing up in the area. Today, Hintonburg is a vibrant and diverse neighbourhood that is known for its charming shops, galleries, and restaurants. It is a place where people from all walks of life come together to enjoy the unique culture and community that the neighbourhood has to offer. For those who call Hintonburg home, it is a place of pride and a true reflection of the ever-evolving spirit of Ottawa.

Wellington West OTTAWA

Wellington West Ottawa is a vibrant neighbourhood that boasts a rich history dating back to the early 19th century. This community’s enduring charm can be traced in the graceful Victorian and Edwardian-era homes that line the tree-lined streets, showcasing the intricate architecture of the old days. Living in this neighbourhood means you get to experience a perfect blend of the old and the new, with a great selection of shops, restaurants, bakeries, specialty shops, and cafes that dot the area. The mix of vintage and modern styles gives the area a unique identity that draws in visitors and residents alike. Overall, Wellington West Ottawa is a neighbourhood that treasures its heritage while celebrating its contemporary cosmopolitan character, making it a great place to call home.

Little Italy OTTAWA

If you’re looking for a vibrant and lively community to call home, look no further than Little Italy in Ottawa. This neighbourhood is known for its rich Italian culture, vibrant street life, and incredible food. You’ll never run out of options for delicious meals and treats, whether you’re in the mood for a classic pizza, a fresh plate of pasta, or a tasty pastry. And if you’re into lively festivals and events, you’ll love the many community celebrations that take place throughout the year. From the Italian Week festival to many others, there’s always something happening in Little Italy. Add in its convenient location close to downtown Ottawa and its cozy, tight-knit feel, and you’ll see why living in Little Italy is truly cool.

Located in a highly accessible area, this spot boasts quick access to the OC Transpo LRT for a convenient transport link. It’s in close proximity to Dow’s Lake, where you can indulge in dining and relish in skating on the frozen canal in the winter. The location has long-standing family-run businesses that offer unique local experiences. Additionally, being super close to downtown makes exploring the city easier than ever.

Westboro OTTAWA

Westboro, is a charming neighbourhood located in the west end of Ottawa, Ontario. Historically, this area began as a small farming community that later developed into a hub of activity. By the late 19th century, sawmills opened and an electric trolley system in 1900 made downtown Ottawa easily accessible. Today, Westboro is a thriving community boasting a population of just under 25,000 residents. Many of the homes in the neighbourhood are detached and were built between 1900 and 1960. If you’re looking for a place with a rich history and plenty of character, Westboro might just be the perfect fit.

The neighbourhood boasts a diverse mix of living options. With condo towers, modern infill housing, and post-war homes, there is something for everyone. The majority of the homes were built before 1980, adding a vintage feel to the area, but there are plenty of newer options too. The neighbourhood is known for its green spaces, such as the paths along Sir John A. Macdonald and Westboro Beach, as well as the picturesque Hampton Park. The commercial strip along Richmond Road gives off a classic village vibe, with a plethora of restaurants, shops, services, and grocery stores. Additionally, the area near Carling Avenue offers another grocery store and a variety of take-out options.

Living in Westboro, Ottawa can be a truly enjoyable experience. It’s well-known for its trendy shops, cozy cafes, and excellent restaurants. In Westboro, you can find everything from independent boutiques to big-name retailers, making it a haven for shoppers. The neighbourhood is also home to interesting events, such as the Westboro Fuse Street Festival, which celebrates the community’s artistic and cultural diversity. With all of these amenities at your fingertips, living in Westboro is a great way to experience the best that Ottawa has to offer.

New Edinburgh OTTAWA

New Edinburgh is a neighbourhood that is bursting with history and prestige, hosting embassies and diplomats. While the homes in this area might not be considered starter homes due to their high price tag, young families and young professionals have successfully managed to make a life for themselves here. The neighbourhood radiates relaxation and pleasure, offering residents the ability to revel in a quiet residential area while still feeling a part of the city. New Edinburgh boasts various charming shops and restaurants to peruse and explore. For outdoor enthusiasts, the stunning New Edinburgh Park provides a plethora of amenities and activities to enjoy. From tennis courts and sports fields to bike paths, a playground, splash pad, there is always something to keep you occupied.

And it’s no surprise that this ‘hood is a favourite among homebuyers who appreciate classic architecture and old-world appeal. Beechwood Avenue, the main commercial street, is just a short walk away and offers a wide array of shops and services. Not only that, but residents also have easy access to nearby green spaces by the Rideau and Ottawa Rivers, including the beautiful grounds around the Rockliffe Park pavilion and the Governor General’s residence, Rideau Hall. For those who prefer eco-friendly commuting methods, 18.2 percent of locals choose to walk or bike to work, surpassing the city’s score of 10 percent. In addition, three bus routes offer frequent and efficient connections to the rest of Ottawa.

The Glebe OTTAWA

The Glebe, a mature and stunning Ottawa neighbourhood, has a diverse blend of residents ranging from student renters to families and retirees. Known for its affluent buyers and suburban hipster vibe, The Glebe features residential streets with old houses that are perfect for nature enthusiasts. Situated near Downtown Ottawa and the Rideau Canal, the neighbourhood offers plenty of urban appeals, boasting trendy shops, salons, restaurants, and bars. It is also home to Lansdowne Park; a swathe of greenery featuring a garden, children’s play area, skate park, a stadium, and a commercial centre with eateries and a movie theatre.

This area is recognized for its heritage homes and modern infill properties, as well as the charming boutiques, specialized stores, and cafes along Bank Street. Visitors enjoy the Rideau Canal paths all year and the convenience of the area’s close proximity and connection to downtown. Residents of the region benefit from reduced reliance on cars (46.5% as opposed to the city’s average of 68.4%). It’s a bilingual neighbourhood as well, with 45.7% speaking both English and French – this is considerably higher than the city’s average of 37.7%. A number of amenities are also present in this region, including Lansdowne Park where residents can access sports events, movies, Whole Foods, and the Ottawa Farmers’ Market.

Old Ottawa East

The neighbourhood of Ottawa East was initially called Archville and was founded in 1888, but was later merged with Ottawa in 1907. Located centrally is Main Street, previously the central road for Archville, however, it is not considered central to modern-day Ottawa. The neighbourhood is host to several institutions including St. Paul University, Lady Evelyn Alternative School, the primary campus of St. Nicholas Adult High School, and Immaculata High School.

Old Ottawa East is a charming neighborhood bordered by the Rideau Canal, the Rideau River, and Avenue Road. To the north-east, you’ll find Sandy Hill, and Old Ottawa South is to the south. Excitingly, the Flora Footbridge recently opened to connect the community to The Glebe. However, there are some concerns about the Greystone Village housing development in the neighbourhood’s center. The southern section is often called Rideau Gardens.

Old Ottawa South

Discover the charm of Old Ottawa South, a charming and compact neighbourhood nestled between the Rideau Canal to the north and the Rideau River to the south. Avenue Road marks the eastern border, while Bronson Avenue creates a westward boundary. Beyond Bronson lies Carleton University, technically on the opposite side but still part of Old Ottawa South geographically, situated between the river and the canal. Explore this unique and inviting neighbourhood today.

The neighbourhood is a hub of local events, from lively block parties to an impressive youth Shakespearean theatre company. A large number of residents opt to walk or bike to work, and thanks to the recreational paths along Rideau Canal and Rideau River, this is a viable commuting option. While transit use in the neighbourhood may be marginally lower than the city average, new multi-unit residential developments are underway in the area, including close proximity to the Sunnyside branch of the Ottawa Public Library. Whether you enjoy an active lifestyle or simply enjoy a vibrant community, this neighbourhood is sure to offer a little something for everyone.

Choosing the coolest neighbourhoods in Ottawa is like trying to decide which type of poutine is the best – it’s an impossible task that will leave you hungry for more. With so many unique areas to choose from, each with their own charm and style, it’s like comparing apples to oranges or maple syrup to ketchup chips. Whether you’re into trendy boutiques, artisanal coffee shops, or vintage vinyl stores, there’s a neighbourhood in Ottawa that’s perfect for you. Cool really is in the eye of the beholder, and who knows, when moving here you might just find your new favourite hangout spot in one of these hoods.

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