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Downtown Ottawa – Where to Live!

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Downtown Ottawa – Where to Live!

If you’re looking where to live a vibrant and lively downtown lifestyle, Ottawa has plenty to offer. With its many different neighbourhoods and amenities, downtown Ottawa offers plenty of options for those looking for a place to call home.

The ByWard Market is great for those who love to shop and enjoy the nightlife, while trendy Elgin Street provides plenty of opportunities for dining out. With its many cultural festivals, art galleries, and cafes – not to mention Parliament Hill – there’s no shortage of things to do and see while living in downtown Ottawa.

With its unique mix of nature and culture, plus fascinating historical sites and landmarks, this bustling city is alive with activity. Whether you’re looking for an urban atmosphere of high-rise condos or a more family-friendly atmosphere with residential houses and neighbourhoods filled with parks, you’ll find something that suits your lifestyle in Downtown Ottawa.

From its incredible restaurants and entertainment to green spaces and stunning views, there’s something for everyone in this diverse city centre.  In this video, we will cover the popular neighbourhoods located close to or in the downtown core of Ottawa.

1. CentretowN OTTAWA

Centretown, Ottawa is an ideal location for anyone looking for a vibrant downtown city life. Located at the heart of Ottawa, Living in Centretown is extremely convenient; you have easy access to public transportation and all of the amenities you need such as grocery stores, restaurants, and libraries. Additionally, the area is a variety of high-rise office towers, and condo buildings mixed with pockets of residential properties. The great thing about downtown is that Ottawa is not overly large or too small. You can get across the city relatively easily and if you are living in downtown access to move everything in the core can be done on foot. Literally, most things are just minutes away from your front door.

Centretown Ottawa is a vibrant and diverse community that takes pride in its organization of character homes and condos. Many of the single-level homes have classic facades with a mix of gable roofing, stone walls, and exposed brick. Residents enjoy being surrounded by features such as wrap-around porches, bay windows, and plenty of colorful gardens. There is a mixture of neighbouring cottages, apartments, and traditional-style homes so everyone can find exactly what they’re looking for.

2. The Glebe OTTAWA

The Glebe in Ottawa’s downtown offers a unique mix of old and new. This historically significant area was designed with residential streets lined with maple trees and beautiful Victorian and Edwardian-era homes, a magnific place to live.

Today, the heart of this community is Bank Street, which is alive with vibrant local businesses such as cafés, pubs, galleries, boutiques, and antique shops, allowing locals and visitors alike to experience something special each time they visit. The main street of the Glebe is a busy corridor of action that leads to the newly renovated Lansdowne Park which provides a great atmosphere of sports and entertainment. With its celebrated charms, it’s no wonder why so many have chosen to make The Glebe their home.

The homes in this area are mainly Victorian detached homes, some built as early as the late 1800s. They come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny bungalows to stately manors with sprawling gardens – many of which have been beautifully maintained over the years. There are also duplexes and higher-density housing scattered throughout the neighbourhood, providing an eclectic mix of architecture. Many of these houses boast features like stained glass windows, turret-pitched roof designs, and intricately carved wooden trim – making them a feast for the eyes!

3. Hintonburg OTTAWA

Ottawa’s Hintonburg district is an eclectic and diverse neighbourhood in Ottawa’s downtown full of unique gems. It is a vibrant community home to some of the city’s most well-known restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops. The area boasts an eclectic mix of both old-time charm and modern amenities. Hintonburg is also known for its diverse art scene as well as its down-to-earth atmosphere which allows visitors to simply enjoy being out in a friendly neighbourhood. Living in Hintonburg also makes getting around easier (especially with the nearby LRT train station) and allows for easy access to other parts of Ottawa. Whether you’re looking for a place to live or just want to spend an afternoon exploring the area, Hintonburg is definitely worth your time!

The residences within this neighbourhood are quite varied in style and size, ranging from historic townhomes to luxurious new builds. Many are architecturally distinct and have lots of personality to them. Most of these homes feature beautiful terraces or front porches, giving residents the opportunity to enjoy their outdoor space. Additionally, many properties have attractive stone exteriors, making it an aesthetically pleasing place to call home. Hintonburg’s variety of houses truly makes it a great neighbourhood for families looking for a place that feels like home.

4. Chinatown OTTAWA

Ottawa’s Chinatown is a vibrant, lively area located in the downtown core. With its numerous streets and alleys lined with Chinese bakeries, shops, and restaurants, you can almost feel the heat of China right on your doorstep. The bustling streets feature traditional Chinese architecture, and the stores are commonly stocked with ingredients found in the cuisine of many East Asian countries. There are many fascinating places to explore, including the Chinese Community Centre which hosts a variety of cultural events throughout the year. You can also find some of Ottawa’s best restaurants in the immediate area. During celebrations such as Chinese New Year, members of the community come together for dragon parades, firework displays, and delicious feasts. All of these experiences help make living in Ottawa’s Chinatown an unforgettable adventure.

The houses in Ottawa’s Chinatown neighbourhood are diverse, ranging from large single-family homes to smaller apartment buildings. These dwellings reflect the character of the city, incorporating modern design elements along with traditional Chinese architectural flair.

Many of the larger homes have been recently renovated and feature two or three stories, while some small apartment buildings are older and more modest in style. There is no homogenous style across Chinatown, but whatever type of home a resident chooses they can expect beautiful features like intricate wood carvings, custom ceramic tile work, and stylish landscaping with an urban focus.

5. New Edinburgh OTTAWA

New Edinburgh, located in Ottawa, is truly an idyllic community to live in. It’s a vibrant neighbourhood that offers a number of amenities for people of all ages and interests. There are several parks nearby, such as Stanley Park or the Rideau Hall Grounds with beautiful walkways, gardens, and monuments. In addition to the great green spaces, there are many facilities like restaurants, cafes, boutiques, and convenience stores along historic Beechwood Avenue. Events like open-air concerts or farmers’ markets occur during the summer months and locals love getting together at festivals or weekly events organized by local churches or community centres. It’s easy to enjoy an active lifestyle here in New Edinburgh where you can take advantage of lots of recreational activities like running, tennis, or biking on the nearby trails and parks.

The houses in the New Edinburgh Ottawa community are varied and full of character. Many of them are heritage homes built in the late 19th century, boasting Georgian and Foursquare designs with steep-pitched roofs and deep setbacks. There is typically a high level of craftsmanship that has been maintained over time, with some incredible original woodwork still intact.

Additionally, there are many stately brick homes from the 20th century – most of which feature elaborate Tudor design elements, such as half-timbering and prominent gable motifs – that illustrate the elegance of this neighbourhood. Finally, modern contemporary homes have been strategically designed among the more traditional styles to complement the distinct look of New Edinburgh Ottawa.

6. ByWard Market OTTAWA

Living in ByWard Market Ottawa offers a unique experience! This vibrant downtown area is a hub of culture, with plenty of local businesses and restaurants to explore. Residents also take advantage of its proximity to the Rideau Canal, where boat rides and ice skating are popular activities. With its locally-owned stores, galleries, popular bars and clubs, lively festivals, and events year-round, and excellent public transportation options available nearby, it’s easy to see why so many people choose to call this neighbourhood their home.

Whether it’s shopping in the market or Rideau Centre or taking in the local museums or shopping with friends or a romantic dinner for two, Byward Market Ottawa offers something for everyone eager to experience the best of what the city has to offer!

ByWard Market, located in the heart of Ottawa, is an interesting and unique community filled with small houses. These houses typically offer two stories of living space and the classic look of townhouses, with spacious front yards, small backyards, and narrow side pathways in between each house.

Built in the 1800s and early 1900s, many of these homes today still maintain a great amount of their original charm and details including old-fashioned porches on the front-facing sides of the houses.

The houses of ByWard Market are tucked away in a central neighbourhood that’s convenient to downtown shops and restaurants while still offering an intimate setting full of modern conveniences.

7. Golden Triangle OTTAWA

Living in the Golden Triangle Ottawa community is a fantastic experience. This vibrant and diverse area of town is home to many different places to live, shop, eat, and enjoy entertainment. It’s packed with unique cultural experiences like galleries and theatres, as well as a number of parks, green spaces, and trails for cyclists and walkers alike. Residents in the area benefit from plentiful public transportation options that make getting around easy.

Easy access to Rideau Centre and the new walking bridge connecting Sandy Hill and the University of Ottawa are also big perks for the area. To top it off, it’s also within close proximity of a number of other neighbourhoods such as The Glebe, Hintonburg, Westboro, and Dow’s Lake – so there’s always something interesting or new to explore! With its unbeatable mixture of leisure activities and convenience, it’s no wonder living in the Golden Triangle Ottawa community has become so popular.

The Golden Triangle Ottawa community is comprised of charming homes that charm residents and visitors alike. The houses in this area are mostly detached single-family residences of varying ages, offering potential homebuyers plenty of options to choose from. Many of the houses boast traditional designs and attractive, well-maintained landscaping. Inside, the majority offer modern amenities that cater to the needs of residents and families – such as spacious bedrooms, lots of natural light, and open floor plans for entertaining. Additionally, many homes have been recently upgraded or renovated with stylish details such as cozy fireplaces, luxurious bathrooms, and beautiful hardwood flooring throughout. This vibrant Ottawa neighbourhood has all the features necessary to create a thriving community with a high standard of living.

8. LowerTown OTTAWA

Lower Town Ottawa is an area full of culture, art, and history. The community has a wide range of independent restaurateurs, galleries, boutiques, and cultural institutions just waiting to be explored. Locals pride themselves on advocating for the local economy by shopping small and eating locally. In addition to the many attractions, there is no shortage of green space with parks such as Major’s Hill Park and Bordeleau Park. Community initiatives such as sustainable gardening projects, art exhibitions, and music festivals can often be found taking place within the area over the summer months. People love living in Lower Town Ottawa for its true sense of neighbourhood and community.

The charming houses in the lower town of Ottawa offer something for everyone. Some of the houses have a classic old-style design; others have been renovated to bring them up to date with contemporary style. Many of the houses are colorful, featuring a mix of clapboard siding as well as stone, brick, and other materials. They have plenty of architectural details, like bay windows and stone walkways that add character and charm. In addition to being beautiful, the houses in this area are also mostly affordable, not only making them popular with locals but also visitors who come to explore the beauty of the city centre.

Living in one of Ottawa’s downtown neighbourhoods is an amazing experience. It places you in the heart of Canada’s capital city and provides easy access to modern amenities and cultural attractions. From ByWard Market to Hintonburg, the neighbourhoods of Ottawa’s downtown core are alive with bustling energy and offer plenty to do. Shopping and dining options are plentiful, while recreational choices range from parks to museums and even music festivals.

This vibrant lifestyle is further complemented by local public transit and easy walking distance across the downtown core making it great to take in the variety. When it comes to urban living, there are few places as ideal as a residence nestled in the city streets of Ottawa’s downtown communities!

And if you are thinking of relocating to Ottawa feel free to reach out to us. Give us a call – shoot us a text – send us an email – or even wrap it in a bow and send it first class because we got your back when moving to Ottawa or anywhere across Canada.




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