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Top reasons WHY move to Ottawa Canada

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The Top 5 reasons WHY move to Ottawa Canada

Economically Stable

The economy of Ottawa is consistently strong. Anchored by the federal government and high-tech industries, Ottawa’s economy is stable and withstands large swings on a national level.  Let’s find out the top reasons WHY move to Ottawa Canada

The two major sectors support and attract other businesses including healthcare, education, finance, industry, and real estate. In addition to bringing jobs to the area, these sectors bring diversity, opportunity, and the solid foundation of a multifaceted economy.

Ottawa’s economic stability is further reinforced by stalwart contributors such as the military, rural agriculture, construction, and tourism. Even during the pandemic, Ottawa was positioned well to rebound quickly.

Quality of Life

Ottawa life offers an impressive array of opportunities for individual and community health, happiness, and balance. Ottawa has good air quality, ample outdoor recreation, easy access to wellness and fitness activities, and high-quality healthcare.

Ottawa is a leader in education with abundant public and private school opportunities as well as plentiful institutions of higher learning. Museums, theaters, music venues, and festivals celebrate the diverse culture of the city.

Small towns dot the region, giving Ottawa’s citizens a sense of history and access to beautiful scenery. A low crime rate, a diverse and welcoming community, and a wealth of opportunity make moving to Ottawa an attractive choice.   

In addition to the economic stability offered by the presence of the federal government, being the capital city offers other unique perks. As Canada has two national languages, French and English, Ottawa is a bilingual city.

Embassies and foreign diplomats add to the city’s diversity, with people from all over the world relocating to Ottawa.

Capitals also draw sports teams, both professional and amateur. Ottawa has opportunities for participants and spectators of all ages in sports ranging from hockey and curling to basketball and football.

Ottawa is home to Parliament Hill. The seat of the national government, this spectacular area is filled with historic buildings with stunning architecture.

Diverse City

Ottawa is a thriving, diverse city with an ever-increasing representation of cultures from all over the world. The city celebrates its diversity with cultural festivals and cuisine, bringing residents new experiences and creating strong communities.

Ottawa’s diversity is partly driven by the federal government and its many institutions of higher learning. The colleges and universities attract students from across Canada and around the world.

Ottawa not only has a diverse population, it also has a diverse climate! Warm summers and cold winters draw people for year-round recreation and the enjoyment of the beautiful scenery in the city and surrounding area.

finally, Top reasons WHY move to Ottawa Canada – Family Friendly

Great schools, a vibrant and diverse culture, and the great outdoors are just the beginning of what makes Ottawa a haven for families. But what an impressive beginning!

The city is filled with family activities including its museums and festivals, outdoor recreation, and family-friendly restaurants.

Families find safe, welcoming, diverse neighbourhoods filled with history, culture, and acceptance. Sports for kids and adults, economic opportunities, and a collective community spirit all make living in Ottawa a fantastic choice for families.

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