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Top 5 Safest Areas to Live in Ottawa

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Top 5 Safest Areas to Live in Ottawa

Ah, Ottawa – the land of maple syrup, beavers, and the not-so-elusive hockey fan. But beneath its charming exterior, this Canadian capital is also home to some truly spectacular neighbourhoods, especially for those fleeing the siren call of danger. Fear not, my safety-seeking friends, for I have scoured the landscape to present to you the top five safest areas to live in Ottawa. Let’s embark on a journey through idyllic suburbs, expertly planned communities, and picturesque enclaves, all nestled within the protective embrace of this marvelous city. Whether you’re a family seeking refuge or a solo wanderer looking to settle down, these areas boast lower crime rates and a sense of serenity that’ll make you want to unpack your bags and call Ottawa home faster than you can say “poutine!” So let’s go forth and find your sanctuary in one of Ottawa’s safest and most delightful neighbourhoods.

Diving into the latest information on crime trends in Ottawa, our primary source has been the Ottawa Police Service’s 2021 Annual Report, which serves as an authoritative and detailed account of the city’s safety landscape. This thorough report covers all 23 wards, shedding light on crime occurrences throughout the capital. Although we eagerly await the newest data for 2022 – typically released in the middle of the year – we recognize the significance of keeping our audience informed. With that in mind, once the 2022 survey results are published, we intend to produce an update video to keep you abreast of the latest crime statistics in Ottawa. In the meantime, for those contemplating a move to this bustling city, our current analysis aims to provide accurate and recent insights into the safety of Ottawa’s neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood Safety in Ottawa

#5 – Osgoode

1,582 crimes/100,000 population

Nestled in the rural southeast corner of the City of Ottawa lies Osgoode Ward (Ward 20), an area composed of the former Osgoode Township and parts of the former city of Gloucester. Boasting a crime rate of only 1,582 crimes per 100,000 population, Osgoode proudly ranks as the 5th safest area in the city. This peaceful region is home to a diverse array of communities, each contributing to the unique charm of the ward. Greely, Osgoode, Metcalfe, Edwards, Kenmore, Vernon, South Gloucester, Ficko, Limebank, and Johnston Corners are some of the vibrant communities that can be found throughout Ward 20. The vast countryside, coupled with the harmonious atmosphere, undoubtedly makes Osgoode a desirable place for residents who value safety and serenity.

Daily life in the charming communities of Greely, Osgoode, and Metcalfe and others in this ward are characterized by a perfect blend of tranquil country living and modern conveniences. As part of Ottawa’s rural south, residents of these neighbourhoods take pleasure in wide open spaces, picturesque scenery, and the sense of close-knit community that comes with living in smaller towns. With abundant parks, trails, and recreational facilities, outdoor enthusiasts are never short of opportunities to engage in their favourite activities such as walking, jogging, or cycling while taking in a natural beauty that surrounds them. The sense of camaraderie and peaceful surroundings truly make daily life in Greely, Osgoode, Metcalfe and the rest of Ward 20 an exceptional living experience.

#4 – Kanata South – 1,547.9

crimes/100,000 population

Kanata South, an area nestled in the west end of Ottawa, boasts a notable record of being the 4th safest ward within the city, with only 1,547.9 crimes reported per 100,000 population in 2021. Established in 2006, Kanata South encompasses thriving communities such as Katimavik-Hazeldean, Glen Cairn, Bridlewood, and Trailwest. This achievement is a testament to the collaborative efforts of its residents, local businesses, and law enforcement agencies. The ward owes its current boundaries to a re-organization in 2006, during which the former Kanata Ward was divided into two distinct wards – Kanata North, which covers areas to the north of Highway 417, and Kanata South, encompassing the areas to the south. This strategic division has contributed to the effective management and development of both regions, resulting in enhanced security and well-being for the Kanata South community.

Kanata South offers its residents a unique blend of daily life experiences and a safe, secure environment for families to thrive. With picturesque streets, well-maintained parks, and ample green spaces, these vibrant communities encourage families to connect and engage in outdoor activities. Furthermore, owing to excellent schools, diverse shopping centres, and fine dining establishments, Kanata South and its neighbourhoods provide a well-rounded lifestyle, meeting all the requirements of family living. A strong sense of community and an efficient police force work hand in hand to maintain a secure atmosphere where families can live their lives with peace of mind. Striking the perfect balance between urban convenience and suburban charm, Kanata South is indeed an ideal home for families seeking a nurturing, safe and lively environment.

#3 – Stittsville

1,538 crimes/100,000 population

Nestled in suburban Ottawa, Stittsville has emerged as the third safest area in the city, boasting a low crime rate of just 1,538 crimes per 100,000 population. Part of Ward 6, Stittsville was originally part of the Goulbourn Township, encompassing not only Stittsville but also Richmond. However, due to the 2006 election, the ward underwent some significant changes – it lost all rural parts of Goulbourn, including urban Richmond, and acquired a small portion of the former city of Kanata near the Canadian Tire Centre. The creation of the ward dates back to 2000, when Goulbourn was amalgamated into Ottawa, with the name Stittsville-Kanata West Ward until 2010. Through the years, Stittsville has transformed into a secure and thriving community, proudly occupying its spot among the safest areas in Ottawa.

The town’s commitment to safety is evident in its well-maintained streets, easily accessible public spaces, and highly-rated neighbourhood watch programs. By fostering an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere, Stittsville ensures that all residents, despite their diverse backgrounds, feel valued and have the opportunity to contribute positively to the community. Moreover, the local government and residents have joined hands to initiate and support various programs that aim to improve safety, public health, and overall quality of life in the area. As a result, Stittsville continues to be a highly sought-after locale for families and newcomers seeking a home that combines the charm of an inviting neighbourhood with the assurance of a safe environment.

#2 – Rideau Goulbourn

1,179 crimes/100,000 population

In comparison, nearby wards such as Rideau Goulbourn and Stittsville reported significantly higher crime rates of 1,179 and 1,538 crimes per 100,000 population, respectively. The continued decline in crime rates, particularly in West Carleton-March, is a testament to the dedication and hard work of the local law enforcement and the community in creating a safe and secure environment for all residents.

Located at the picturesque rural south end of the city, Rideau-Jock Ward (Ward 21) encompasses a vast landscape that has managed to maintain its serene ambiance and unspoiled charm. The ward stretches west of the beautiful Rideau River, covering a myriad of quaint rural communities including Manotick, Richmond, North Gower, Munster, Kars, Fallowfield, Ashton, and Burritts Rapids. Notably, Ward 21 also integrates the historical richness and allure of the former Goulbourn Township, which elegantly spreads south and west of Stittsville. This vibrant confluence of unique villages and hamlets offers a delightful escape from the urban hustle while presenting numerous recreational and cultural opportunities, making Rideau-Jock Ward a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

#1 West Carleton

945.9 crimes/100,000 population

The residents of Ottawa can take pride in knowing that the West Carleton-March ward holds the distinction of having the lowest crime rate in the city. The ward experienced a notable drop in crime, decreasing from 988.3 crimes per 100,000 population in 2020 to an impressive 945.9 in 2021. This positive trend continued as the number of reported crimes in West Carleton-March also decreased from 259 in 2020 to 250 in 2021.

The inception of the West Carleton-March Ward has an interesting history that dates back to the 2000 election when the West Carleton Township was incorporated into the newly established city of Ottawa. During its initial formation, the ward was known as West Carleton Ward and comprised solely of the former West Carleton Township. However, the boundaries of the ward underwent significant changes in 2006, with the introduction of its current name. The southern border was extended to include Highway 7 and the Queensway, while some areas in the southeastern part were removed. Additionally, the ward’s boundaries grew to encompass the rural northern portion of the former city of Kanata. With a population of 23,400 in 2006, it was considered the second least populated ward in the city, but it covers an impressive 763 square kilometres, making it the largest ward in Ottawa.

Nestled within this diverse ward, a plethora of fascinating communities can be found, each possessing their own distinct charm and appeal. Among these picturesque locales are Antrim, Fitzroy Harbour, and Galetta, where one can experience small-town warmth and hospitality. The historical significance of spots like Marshall Bay, Mohr Corners, and Panmure can be felt upon visiting, while the leisurely, scenic Quyon Ferry Landing provides a lovely setting for rest and relaxation. With many waterfront communities such as Baskin’s Beach, Buckhams Bay, and Constance Bay lining the shores, residents are treated to splendid views and a variety of outdoor recreational activities. The suburban enclaves of Carp, Corkery, and Westwood provide a harmonious blend of rural charm and urban conveniences, while Marchhurst, Harwood Plains, and Malwood beckon with their serene landscapes and idyllic settings. No matter which community one chooses to explore, they will surely be enriched by the unique experiences that await in this vibrant and safe ward.

Lowest crime rates in Ottawa (per 100,000 residents)

  1. West Carleton – March – 945.9 crimes/100,000 population
  2. Rideau Goulbourn – 1,179 crimes/100,000 population
  3. Stittsville – 1,538 crimes/100,000 population
  4. Kanata South – 1,547.9 crimes/100,000 population
  5. Osgoode – 1,582 crimes/100,000 population

Ottawa, the vibrant capital of Canada, is an ideal destination for families seeking a perfect blend of urban living, nature, and a stable economy. With a strong focus on work-life balance, the city offers countless family-friendly activities and attractions that foster a sense of community and enjoyment. Parents can rest assured knowing that the education system in Ottawa is highly regarded, with a wide range of public and private schools, as well as prestigious colleges and universities. Surrounded by lush green parks, rivers, and scenic bike paths, nature enthusiasts can easily escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Moreover, the safe and secure environment that Ottawa provides offers residents both peace of mind and a tremendous quality of life.

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