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So, you’re considering packing up and moving to Kanata, Ottawa? Is it worth it? take a look at the cost of living. I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that Kanata is a charming suburb with plenty of perks. The bad news is that the cost of living might make you feel like a trip to the dentist – painful! It’s important to do your research and crunch the numbers before making a decision. While Kanata might not be the cheapest option, it’s still worth considering for its proximity to major employers and variety of amenities.

If you are considering a move to Kanata, Ottawa, then it is essential to understand the cost of living before making any decisions. While the cost of living in Kanata may be higher than in other areas of the city, many factors contribute to the higher costs.

One of the biggest factors that make living in Kanata worthwhile is the quality of life, including access to excellent schools, recreational facilities, green spaces, and public transit systems.

Although the housing market in Kanata is on the higher side, apartments are available at a lower cost. Before moving to Kanata, it is crucial to weigh the pros and cons of the cost of living and compare it to your budget. Ultimately, the cost of living in Kanata is worth considering before making any decisions about making a move.

Cost Of living in Kanata Ottawa

The cost of living in Kanata Ottawa is much lower than the average cost of living for Canadian cities, and even lower than many other regions in Ontario. According to Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index 2020, the overall cost of living index in Ottawa is rated 83.67 out of 100, while Kanata’s index is rated around 84.50 out of 100. As a comparison, Toronto’s overall cost of living index is rated 88.54 out of 100.

Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index is a comprehensive and reliable source for comparing the cost of living in different cities around the world. The index is based on data collected from users who report their expenses, as well as official sources such as government statistics and surveys.

This data allows Numbeo to provide an accurate and up-to-date assessment of each city’s cost of living that takes into account factors like housing costs, food prices, transportation expenses, taxes, and more. 

Numbeo’s Cost of Living Index, unfortunately, hasn’t been updated since 2020. Although this data may not be entirely accurate for today’s market, it still provides us with a general understanding of where things stand. During the pandemic, Canadian markets experienced a “fear of missing out” spending spree, which resulted in a significant rise in the cost of living.

However, it is important to note that this trend is not specific to Canada alone and has been witnessed across other markets as well. Thus, even though the data may not be up-to-date, it is still relevant given the commonality of the trend.

– Real estate in Kanata Ottawa

The real estate market in Kanata is one that closely mirrors that of Ottawa, with a ripple effect that is felt throughout the entire region. Kanata, in particular, stands out for its relatively higher housing prices when compared to other suburbs like Barrhaven or Orleans. Depending on the neighbourhood, the price difference can vary anywhere from 1% to as high as 15% in the suburbs. Despite these higher prices, however, Kanata remains a popular choice for many homebuyers due to its proximity to downtown Ottawa and the vibrant community atmosphere that it offers. Real estate is a very hyper-local topic and prices fluctuate from suburb to suburb, street to street, and house to house so it is best to always rely on an experienced professional to guide you through your transaction. 

The Ottawa real estate market has experienced significant fluctuations in recent months, with average prices increasing 13.9% since hitting a low point in December of 2022. The average sale price for freehold-class properties in April was $747,123, representing a decrease of 10% from the previous year. However, there was a 5% increase from March of 2023. The average sale price for condominium-class properties was $435,875, which marks an 8% decrease from the previous year, but a 4% increase from March 2023. Interestingly, the year-to-date average sale prices for freeholds and condos are $718,633 and $421,722, respectively, which represents a 13% decrease for freehold-class properties and a 10% decrease for condominium-class properties since 2022. Despite these fluctuations, the real estate market remains an important aspect of our economy, and it will continue to adapt and change with the times.

Kanata Ottawa also offers lower rental costs than the rest of the city. According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Kanata is estimated to be around $973 per month, while it is estimated to be around $1,139 per month in Ottawa. The median household income for Kanata was reported to be around $104,000 in 2019.

– Transportation in Kanata otawa

In terms of transportation costs, the City of Ottawa offers public transit passes with discounts and incentives for frequent riders. The cost of a monthly bus pass in Kanata is around $112, and the cost of a monthly train pass is around $105. Additionally, the City of Ottawa also offers reduced parking rates for commuters who drive to work.

Kanata, the largest suburb of Ottawa, is located just outside the city’s boundaries, providing a peaceful and close-to-nature environment for its locals. It boasts a plethora of green spaces, including abundant parks, miles of trails, and endless recreational activities, making it an ideal location for nature lovers. Beyond the fresh air and the natural surroundings, living close to greenspace promotes a healthy lifestyle. Kanata’s vast greenspace allows for physical activities such as hiking and biking, while also offering a tranquil environment to unwind and de-stress from the daily routine. In short, living in Kanata provides an opportunity to appreciate and be immersed in nature, while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.


Living in Kanata not only offers the convenience of being near Ottawa and all of its national capital perks but also allows residents to enjoy the diverse and thriving community that Kanata has to offer. Kanata can be described as a city within a city with its high-tech hub, numerous shopping and dining options, and a self-sufficient suburban atmosphere. This community is the perfect blend of city and suburb, offering access to all the necessary amenities while still maintaining a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. It’s easy to see why so many choose to call Kanata home.

Living in Kanata offers residents the unique advantage of being near an array of job opportunities within the booming tech sector, making their daily commute a breeze. The convenience of having major office locations right in the heart of Kanata allows residents to achieve an ideal work-life balance, as they can spend less time on the road and more time enjoying the area’s fantastic amenities and community spirit. With its thriving job market, connection to nature, and unparalleled convenience for those working in the tech industry or other professional services, Kanata is a great place to call home.

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