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Best Neighbourhoods in Ottawa for Families

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Best Neighbourhoods in Ottawa for Families

Are you looking for the perfect neighbourhood in Ottawa to raise your family? Perhaps curious about which are the Best Neighbourhoods in Ottawa for Families? Whether it’s the quality of public schools, safety and security, or recreational offerings – there’s something special about calling a place home. While each family has different criteria when selecting an area, as with many cities, there are some neighbourhoods that stand out from the pack due to their wealth of amenities and livability factors. In this video, we are covering the best family friendly neighbourhoods in Ottawa as selected by our friends over a Rentals.ca. PSSST – we’ll leave the blog link below in the description – we’ll explore what makes these select neighbourhoods within Ottawa so attractive for families who want an ideal living situation….BUT BEFORE we get into it – SHOW REEL, HIT IT!

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When planning a move to Ottawa with your family, it is important to find the perfect neighbourhood that will fit both your lifestyle and budget. There are numerous options available in this great city, ranging from bustling downtown areas to beautiful suburbs outside of the core. Depending on what you’re looking for, some neighbourhoods may be better suited than others when it comes finding safe streets for children to explore and an overall family-friendly culture. To help make the decision easier, we are going to review Rentals.ca’s top 10 family friendly neighbourhoods to see if they stand up to the test – and along the way perhaps help you on your move to Ottawa to see if one of these areas checks all your boxes! So in no particular order let’s dive in!!

1. Orleans

The suburb of Orleans in particular is a great option for those looking for an area that has something for everyone. Boasting one of the largest concentrations of parks, recreation facilities, libraries and community centres in Ottawa as well as plenty of family-friendly attractions nearby, there’s no shortage of things to do or ways to stay active here. From outdoor rinks and playgrounds perfect for kids to restaurants with delicious snacks that adults can enjoy after dark — this idyllic suburb offers some unique advantages over other parts of the city.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to access downtown Ottawa for your work commute? Then Orléans is the perfect starting point, as it sits conveniently located just thirty-minutes east of Ottawa. The area makes for a great neighbourhood to raise a family and live a balanced lifestyle between commute times, shopping, activities and more. Whether it’s Chapel Hill, Queenswood Heights, Fallingbrook, Avalon or any of the neighbourhoods – you can’t go wrong with raising a family in this popular suburb.

2. The Glebe

The Glebe offers that rare mix of lifestyle and convenience that attracts everyone no matter the age range – young professionals, singles, retired, long term residents, renters and families! The Glebe in Ottawa is an ideal area, offering many amenities and activities that will make your family feel right at home. From its unique history as an up-and-coming neighbourhood to its bustling streets full of local businesses, boutiques, and restaurants – the Glebe has everything you need for a quality life with your loved ones. The Glebe in Ottawa has a very strong community that is involved in all things Glebe.

The Glebe is one of Ottawa’s most eccentric neighbourhood. It wasn’t always this way and, in the past few decades, it has become a bustling and vibrant area that offers something to everyone. From unique shops and cafes to amazing parks and riverside paths there is so much to explore in this very proud part of the city. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon stroll or a night on the town, The Glebe has something for you! Which makes it interesting for raising a family here – if you love big city activities, pace and convenience and a feeling of raising your kids in a cool soho NYC atmosphere then this is as close as you can find in Ottawa to that. But if you are looking for more suburban life – The Glebe ain’t no suburban.

3. Kanata

Raising a family is one of life’s greatest joys and challenges. Choosing the right place to call home is an important part of this process, with many factors to consider including safety, affordability, access to amenities and schools and more. Located in Ottawa’s west end – Kanata has become an increasingly popular choice amongst families looking for the ideal balance between city conveniences with a close-knit community feel. Kanata has a lot to offer for growing families – from its award-winning schools, ample recreational options, active sports scene and vibrant business hub – there are endless reasons why it could be the perfect spot for you and your family!

Located just to the West of Ottawa lies Kanata – one of Ottawa’s largest suburbs. From its early days as an agricultural hub to becoming known for its high-tech industry, there are plenty of exciting stories about how Kanata came to be what it is today. And along the way each neighbourhood in Kanata has become vey diverse from the architecture to the community that developed within those areas.

Another big draw to Kanata for families is the very achievable balance of working, playing and raising a family in the same suburb. A big reason for this community development is Silicon Valley North – a name that is becoming more and more familiar as Canada’s innovation hub in the tech industry grows. It has been home to countless groundbreaking discoveries over the years. With its diverse population of entrepreneurs, engineers, programmers and developers all working together for success, Silicon Valley North has become Canada’s playground for startups seeking rapid growth and market leadership.

Kanata has been long popular for families and working professionals. It has retained a lot of it’s value and is typically seen as the more expensive option suburb compared against Barrhaven then Orleans. But in recent years Barrhaven and Kanata are on par with each other in terms of value (depending on the particular neighbourhood).

4. Alta Vista

The Alta Vista area of Ottawa is an ideal location for families looking for a vibrant, family-friendly neighbourhood. With quick access to downtown, schools nearby, and plenty of green spaces to explore, it’s no surprise that families are flocking to the area. The area was constructed in the 1950s and 1960s which lends to the dominate mid-century architecture found throughout the area. The neighbourhood of Alta Vista is quite a large area stretching from Industrial Avenue in the North to Heron Road in the South and from basically the Rideau River in the West to St. Laurent BLVD in the East.

The construction of the Village of Gloucester in the late 1800s began the transformation of Alta Vista into a bustling suburban neighbourhood. During the Second World War, local residents opened their homes to interned Japanese Canadians. In recent years, Alta Vista has welcomed immigrants from all over the world, bringing with them new cultures and traditions that are celebrated every year at the annual Mosaic Multicultural Festival.

This desirable mix of suburban convenience with plenty of natural beauty make Alta Vista perfect for busy modern families who want it all!

5. Barrhaven

The Barrhaven area of Ottawa offers a safe, family-friendly environment. It’s located in the southwest of the nation’s capital, and is home to many businesses, shops and restaurants. As part of Ottawa’s re-development plan, several new parks, walking trails and bike paths have been built and maintained for visitors to enjoy. There are also a range of housing options available to suit all families and budgets. Local schools are highly rated – offering great education opportunities for children.

Bordering the Rideau River, the Barrhaven area of Ottawa is a relatively young neighbourhood offering plenty of green space and vibrant community life. Developed primarily in the 80s through to present time Barrhaven has quickly become known for its safe neighbourhoods, diverse population and abundant recreational activities. Today, this area of Ottawa continues to grow with new businesses and residences popping up every day. With lots of community events running throughout the year, Barrhaven makes a great place to live if you’re looking for more than just the city life.

6. Hunt Club

The Hunt Club area of Ottawa is an interesting and diverse neighbourhood located in the south of the city. It is a vibrant area surrounded by areas such as South Keys, Greenboro, Upper Hunt Club West among others. The Greenbelt also lines the community, creating a beautiful backdrop for locals and visitors to enjoy. While most people associate Hunt Club with airport noise, it’s important to remember that this is only a small portion of the overall Hunt Club area. And the design of neighbourhoods and the airport are aligned nicely that fight paths and urban development was taken into consideration.

One thing you will note about Hunt Club is the variety of neighbourhoods from 1970s garden homes or row units to 1990s detached large brick builds. From large concentration of rental complexes to larger lots for semi-detached and detached properties. With a mix of industrial and business parks as well as car dealerships and retail. All along the busy traffic corridor of Hunt Club which connects Ottawa from East to West easing traffic from Ottawa’s main highway( the Queensway).

7. Centrepointe

The Centrepointe area of Ottawa is the perfect place to experience an array of interesting activities and sights. From the beautiful Ben Franklin Place that offers public skating events, to the Centrepointe Theatre, there is something for everyone. There are also some great parks in the area and access to the large Woodroffe campus of Algonquin College is a big bonus. The transit station here has just been revamped and it offers as a great connection for people trying to get around the city. The houses in this area a beautiful and big! The design of the neighbourhood was well thought out with proper street flow and an abundance of green space and nice neighbourhood name plaques for character and distinction.

This is certainly a popular neighbourhood for families and trying to purchase in the area which has certainly driven the home prices up in the area.

8. Stittsville

The village of Stittsville, located just west of Ottawa, is an ideal place for family life. With great schools, ample recreational activities and numerous local services, Stittsville offers families plenty of opportunity to grow and prosper. The small-town atmosphere affords parents the opportunity to build strong community ties and create lasting relationships with their neighbours. From the many parks boasting soccer fields, baseball diamonds and playgrounds to the scenic public trails for biking and running, outdoor enjoyment is virtually limitless in Stittsville. Additionally, a wide range of youth sports are offered that allow kids to remain active throughout the year.

The Stittsville area of Ottawa is a great residential option for everyone, from growing families to retirees. The region offers a perfect mix of nature and convenience, boasting acres of green space, small market shops and major retailers within walking distance. Homes range from cozy bungalows to grand two-storey properties, both old and new. There are always plenty of activities to choose from – the local Carp Hills, Goulbourn Recreation Complex, and Stittsville Main Street all offer sports programming, an array of restaurants, charming boutiques and more.

No matter whether your family enjoys outdoor activity or indoor leisure – or both – Stittsville has you covered! In my opinion Stittsville is probably one of the top of the list for being family friendly.

9. Carlingwood

The Carlingwood area of Ottawa is an ideal spot for families looking to make memories that will last a lifetime. This sought-after neighbourhood offers plenty of space, parks and recreational activities to keep everyone entertained. Young children can find joy in the nearby neighbourhood playgrounds and full size sports fields, while adults are sure to appreciate the access to shopping, conveniences and access to transportation. On top of this, the local library not only has a wide range of books but activities for kids of all ages. Everything from story time sessions to puppet shows!

Carlingwood is a wonderful neighbourhood located in the west-end of Ottawa, Ontario. It has been providing residents with picturesque houses and yards since its founding in 1950. The area features various architectural styles from different eras in its many housing options, giving prospective buyers an array of choices to choose from. From smaller starter homes to larger family homes, Carlingwood’s real estate market has something for everyone.

The Carlingwood Mall a long time standing pillar of retail adventures is ever expanding and improving. It recently just opened the brand new Canadian Tire store which happens to be the largest in Canada at over 135,000 square feet.

Ultimately, Carlingwood has something for families of all sizes and makes the perfect location for creating lasting memories that both adults and kids alike can enjoy.

10. Rockcliffe Park

The Rockcliffe Park area of Ottawa is a highly desirable neighbourhood, and is known as one of Canada’s most affluent enclaves. The homes in this prestigious area are magnificent, with many featuring large manicured gardens or sprawling lawns. There are a variety of styles to choose from including classic Tudors, Arts and Crafts bungalows and Gothic-revivals. The vintage homes feature beautiful woodwork, stained glass windows and intricate stone carvings. For those looking for something more modern, contemporary-style properties with open floor plans and large balconies are also available. In addition to the impressive interiors and lavish exteriors, the Rockcliffe Park area can offer buyers an array of amenities like designer boutiques and luxury restaurants.

Rockcliffe Park has become an idyllic place for diplomats to reside while carrying out their work in Canada’s capital city. The homes here are luxurious and well-maintained, providing members of the diplomatic corps with a comfortable atmosphere to call home. Additionally, Rockcliffe offers easy access to important government buildings due to its strategic location at the centre of Canada’s political landscape. It has become an ideal residential hub for those living within the diplomatic community in Ottawa.

The history of the Rockcliffe Park area of Ottawa is both rich and varied. Originally established in 1864 by Thomas McKay, the park has been home to an array of prestigious inhabitants from Royalty to wealthy merchants. Following the World War, Rockcliffe became home to many military personnel assigned to nearby Camp Petawawa and Canadian Forces Base Uplands. Situated along Ottawa’s famous Rideau River, Rockcliffe Park is a highly sought-after neighbourhood offering upscale homes and a vibrant social atmosphere. With its distinctive atmosphere, rich sense of history and stunning architecture, it’s no wonder this neighbourhood remains one of the most sought-after places to live in Ottawa.

It’s not an easy task to narrow down family friendly neighbourhoods in Ottawa to just 10. Probably because Ottawa is abundant with great family friendly neighbourhoods. I do agree though that there are some notable neighbourhoods that did not make their final list. My favourites that were not in the list would include: Westboro, Old Ottawa South, Riverside South just to name a few.


While every neighbourhood in Ottawa has something special to offer, there are also some clear advantages and disadvantages that come with each one. By examining all of the available neighbourhoods in terms of their specific amenities, culture, cost of living and more, you can make an informed decision when it comes time to narrow down your options for you and your family. 

What are your thoughts on Rentals.ca list of the most family friendly neighbourhoods in Ottawa? Did they hit the mark? Were there any missing that you think should have made the cut? Be sure to leave your thoughts below in the comments to help others considering relocating here to Ottawa.

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Best Neighbourhoods in Ottawa for Families




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