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5 Great Places to Retire In Ottawa

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5 Great Places to Retire In Ottawa or Near Ottawa

Are you living in Ottawa and thinking about retirement? Or maybe you’re considering moving to Ottawa when you retire. Today we’re going to take a look at some neighborhoods and communities that offer the best of Ottawa for retirees. Whether you’re looking for a smaller town or a retirement-friendly neighborhood, Ottawa has you covered.

You may already have some ideas about your post-retirement home. Common wish lists include fewer square feet to maintain, fewer stairs to climb, and a reasonable price.

During the past couple of years that last one—reasonable price—has been a tough nut to crack. By choosing to retire in a nearby town or village, you have a better chance of finding an affordable home that suits your needs.

These areas are charming, often historic, and offer new experiences while remaining close to Ottawa. You can find a home in an area with a little slower pace while still enjoying all the benefits of the nearby city.

Let’s get to know five of the best places in the Ottawa area to retire. To be clear, these are not retirement communities. They are vibrant areas with residents of all ages.    

Merrickville, ONTARIO

First, let’s have a look around Merrickville. Located on the Rideau Canal, Merrickville is one of the Ottawa area’s many historic former mill towns. Founded in 1794, this little village of 3,000 residents lies about an hour south of Ottawa.

Once named the most beautiful village in Canada, Merrickville is a community dedicated to maintaining its natural habitats. Residents enjoy canoeing, swimming, and kayaking on the canal, a migratory bird sanctuary, and local trails for walkers and hikers.

If you want, you can grab your walking shoes and stroll along the Rideau trail that runs from Kingston to Ottawa.

Merrickville is one of the area’s most affordable villages. You might choose a restored historic home or an apartment in the village. Or maybe you’d prefer a home in one of the newer developments, like Merrickville Estates, a planned community with big lots and a focus on natural spaces.    

Stittsville, ONTARIO

Of the five communities we’re getting to know today, Stittsville is the closest to Ottawa’s city centre. Residents can travel the 30 km in about half an hour, making this suburban area very convenient.

Originally settled in the 1820s by Irish soldiers, Stittsville is now a thriving community of over 40,000 residents who enjoy the proximity to Ottawa and the quieter life of the suburbs.

You’ll find a lot of green space in Stittsville, as well as great restaurants and plenty of community events. Housing in this area is mainly single detached homes and townhouses.

Russell, ONTARIO

Next, we’re moving on to Russell. The Village of Russell and its 4,500 residents are part of the larger Russell Township, population 16,500. Located 40 km from Ottawa’s city centre, this affordable village is proud of its low crime rate.

Many of Russell’s residents work in Ottawa and enjoy the more rural feel of this small town. There are plenty of things to do in Russell, from clubs and associations to parks, trails, and a public swimming pool.

Running through Russell is the Castor River, where residents enjoy snowmobiling in the winter. Homes are more affordable than in Ottawa and offer large yards and plenty of square footage. You can also choose an apartment or a condo.


Perth is our next stop. The 6,000 residents of Perth enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Tay River. Located about an hour southwest of Ottawa, Perth is busily adding houses, apartments, and condos for its growing population of retirees.

Perth was founded in the early 1800s as a military settlement. You’ll find many historic buildings in the Heritage Conservation District downtown area, now home to shops and restaurants. You’ll find farmer’s markets and craft fairs, festivals, and scenic trips on the river.

Perth offers clubs, organizations, and groups of all kinds, some specifically for retirees. You’ll also find theatre, galleries, and plenty of live music in this cheerful village.

Almonte, ONTARIO

Our final community today is Almonte. We’ve visited Almonte before and its combination of small-town charm and big-city convenience make it a terrific area for retirees. Just a few of the things we love about Almonte include its breweries and restaurants, its vibrant arts community, and its historic downtown.

This village, located less than an hour from downtown Ottawa, is a former mill town. The very walkable downtown is dotted with antique shops and historic buildings. It sits right on the Mississippi River and offers a beautiful Riverwalk and other tranquil areas for picnicking and enjoying the scenery.

Almonte hosts events and festivals throughout the year. You’ll find everything from music festivals in the summer to celebrations of light at Christmastime. The local arts community has regular markets and the village is filled with galleries and studios.

Local artisans create pottery, glass, and jewelry. You’ll find history-inspired art, artisan blacksmiths, sculpture, and even artists making musical instruments.

Almonte’s housing opportunities include a combination of historic homes and newer developments. You may decide on a loft apartment in a historic building or choose a modern detached home outside of the village centre. 


Whether you choose the city centre or one of the smaller communities we visited today, the Ottawa area is a great place to retire. The city is not as large as other major urban centres and has a laid-back style full of diverse communities and cultures. Green space and natural areas are abundant and accessible, with trails and paths, and parks.

Ottawa is a clean city with access to excellent health care. The surrounding area is dotted with quaint, picturesque villages just a short drive from the conveniences of the city. The five communities we talked about today each offer something special, from historic towns to quiet suburbs.

Ottawa offers options for every lifestyle, from serene and quiet to bustling and busy. Most of the places we visited today are a charming combination of both. When you’re deciding where to live when you retire, give us a call and we’ll show you the best of Ottawa for retirees.


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